Balls Cup




Date: 01 – 02. septembar 2023.

Location: village Lunjevica, Gornji Milanovac (43.999717, 20.478619), Serbia


FRIDAY 01.09.2023.

Forming Ballsy Camp

SATURDAY 02.09.2023.

12:00 – 17:00



Winning ceremony


Ballscup has decided to use a strong grip and work on cultural differences.
Starting with 2023, all who wish to present their country will have an opportunity to do so during this world championship. Custom, dish, or anything interesting that the world should know, it’s up to you.
AC Mudrijada is a non-profit organisation. The festival could not happen without the help of our friends and sponsors and we are thankful for that!
We strongly advise all interested parties to contact us at for more details.

Olav Goberg is quite enthusiastic about Serbia! Two companies, Balkan Mood AS ( and Firmatur og Event AS (, where he is involved, are both promoting Serbia and Serbian culture. Using wine as a medium, Olav has shown the advantages that Serbia can offer. Balkan Mood AS is on the market for more than 15 years and has brought a large number of tourists from Scandinavia to Serbia. Recently, the Company organized an interesting event in cooperation with the Serbian Embassy in Norway, hosting some 40 people from the tourist industry, in order to present Serbia as a tourist destination with traditional food and fine wine production.
His volunteer work has enhanced the traditionally good relationship between the two nations. In 2008 he got substantial funding from the Norwegian Government, aiming to run several projects in Serbia. One of the results of this funding was the establishment of Serbia World Music Festival (, and Olaf is the President of the Board.

He has written a book based on his experience and managed to attract many people to feel the same. His kind words and constant promotion have increased Serbia’s tourist visibility.



Cosmin Dragomir is one of Romania’s well-known food journalists, focused on the history and anthropology of local and regional gastronomy.

He wrote hundreds of culinary articles, the author of several books like „Curatorul de zacuscă. Și alte povești culinare românești” (“The zacusca curator. And other Romanian culinary stories”, with zacusca being a vegetable spread popular all over Southeast Europe, like the ajvar or ljutenica or pindjur), and co-author of the „Dulce Românie. O istorie a deserturilor de la noi” anthology („Sweet Romania, a history of our desserts”). Cosmin is currently working on two new editorial projects: “On the Heights of hangover, a history of tripe soup and not only”, and “The Universal Encyclopedia of Sarmals”. The podcast he hosts, „Amintiri Gustoase”. is the most listened podcast on gastronomy in Romania.

He has organized dozens of gastronomic events (conferences, debates, congresses) and is the co-initiator of a law that establishes a Romanian National Day of Gastronomy and Wine, celebrated on the first Sunday of October.

Together with his fellow journalist Cristian Iohan Ștefănescu from the Romanian desk of Deutsche Welle, he embarked this year on a documentary journey through the Balkans that will end with a comparative study of the region’s gastronomy (and not only gastronomy) – #balkanstastesandmore.

„If it’s edible it’s likely to be tasty,” says Cosmin. Earlier this year, he completed the tasting session at the Disgusting Food Museum in Malmö, ate ants in Copenhagen and raw octopus for breakfast at the fish market in Bari.


Rules for goulash that will enter the main competition:
The goulash must be made only from testicles (no other meat).
Grading categories: color, taste and texture (testicles must be recognizable on the
Using a gas burner is allowed if one prefers to cook on them.

The admission fee is 2.500 Serbian dinars and provides a competing spot, t-shirt, a
suspensor, a badge, fire wood and testicles (if necessary).

Applications start on August the first.
The jury – special guests from Serbia and abroad.
Prizes are sponsored by Metalac cookware: 
1. place – stew pot
2. and 3. place – a small cauldron


Support the manifestation and its folks – buy a MOOD ticket that you can
exchange for food and beverage. Prices are shown in MOODS and MOODS are
easy to handle!



ul. Karađorđeva 46, Gornji Milanovac
tel: +381 32 713 648
+381 32 711 019
+381 64 14 50 766


ul. Vojvode Živojina Mišića, Gornji Milanovac
tel: +381 63 297 012
+381 32 713 442


ul. Vuka Karadžića 1a, Gornji Milanovac
tel: +381 32 718 450
+381 32 718 451

PRESTIGE apartman

ul. Vojvode Milana Obrenovića 37, Gornji Milanovac
tel: +381 64 170 10 49

Vikendica NIKOLIC032

SKY LUX apartman

ul. Tihomira Matijevića 2/44, Gornji Milanovac
tel: +381 65 27 100 22

SCANDIC apartman

ul. Heroja Draževića 3R 33, Gornji Milanovac

Apartman DOBRIJA

CHERRY apartmani

ul. Vuka Karadžića 2a, Gornji Milanovac
tel: +381 65 81 41 333

Apartman CENTAR

API centar

Brđani bb, Gornji Milanovac
+381 64 123 12 04

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