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Lunjevica, Gornji Milanovac


Except those from a human, all animal testicles can be consumed.

Be our guest and take a closer look at Serbia’s answer to MasterChef … except with more scrotum. Starting 2004, “Balls Cup” is being held in the idyllic forests of Serbia. In this part of the world, balls are affectionately known as “white kidneys.” The Serbs have various specialties based on offal. Serbian Royal Family was no exception in considering these dishes as favourite. One warning though: since they’re packed with minerals and cholesterol, testes
are to be consumed in moderation.

Scots have the Scotch, the Swiss have their cheese and we the Serbs have balls.

What the hell is Balls Cup?

So many questions, so many balls, we'll try to explain you what's going on here!

What is Balls Cup?

Today, Balls Cup is more than a festival. It is a “cultural exchange” that celebrates testicles, food and partying. Two days spent in a great location, great weather and successful organisation team (it’s entirely run by volunteers) has made it an attraction, having at least 1,000 and 4,000 guests (for Serbia, that is quite potent). Countries that have been represented include: U.S.A., Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, South Africa and many others.

Testicle specialties, seriously?

Preparing and eating testicles is an old tradition in the Balkans. The festival includes dishes such as testicle pizza and testicles in béchamel sauce flavoured with a variety of herbs found in the region. Even though the testicles are grey in colour and with a kidney-like texture (which may spoil some appetites), festival-goers are poetic about their taste and alleged aphrodisiac qualities.

Who the hell are the chefs?

World Testicle Cooking Championship draws a motley mix of teams — from groups of friends to professional chefs — for a few days of fun in the Serbian countryside. There they set up cooking camps in a forest, stirring bubbling stews over camp fires as they vie for the coveted “Balls Cup”. Chefs are coming from all around the world, from every continent.

Testicles are the only meat that can be eaten while the animal donor remains alive. In addition to that, we look to promote the responsible consumption of animal meat. If an animal is killed for its meat, why not eat the whole animal?

Are there any Balls Cup rules?

The jury will grade goulash made from testicles only, without adding any other type of meat. Goulash is made during the event itself, from the starting time until the end is announced.
The use of previously boiled testicles is allowed. You can sign up only one specialty for the official assessment. Only the presented dish will take part in the competition and be assessed accordingly. The teams must sign up at least 5 days prior to the beginning of the event.

Is there a jury?

Choosing the best balls is quite a responsibility and that is why the tasting of the testicles is done in the top-secret jury room. Taste, colour and texture are being graded and the testicles should be recognisable on the plate. For many years president of the jury was Anna Wexller from USA. Philomena O’Brien from Australia was president of the jury in 2019.

What does the winner get?

The winner takes it all! There are a number of different awards: there is an overall prize for taste, which is the most coveted, but there are also prizes for presentation or best texture. The trophy is awarded for testicle goulash and it is a wooden statue of an erected man that is handed every year to a new champion.
Prizes are sponsored by Metalac cookware. The team that wins the first place will receive a stew pot *(large kettle) and those on the second and third place will receive a cauldron. Prizes will be awarded for the most innovative specialties at the competition.

Sixteen species of animal donate their testicles to the WTCC's culinary cause. The array of options available  is impressive: boar, bull, donkey, kangaroo, ostrich, rabbit,  deer, shark, ram, horse, rooster. The majority of balls are from either boars or bulls.

Is this some comedy?

World Testicle Cooking Championship is a fun festival, but we are serious in our intentions. The crown jewels are funny themselves and give an opportunity to joggle unlimited jokes.
There is much stand-up comedy and plenty of intended puns during those two days.

What about an evening party?

World Testicle Cooking Championship is supporting the rock and roll style. There are many performers after Balls Cup competition is over. WTCC is all day huge party with the music.
Festival never sleeps, so you can hear guitars deep in the night.

Is there the ballsiest person in the world award?

Organizers also elect the “Ballsiest Person of the Year” since 2010. This award is honouring human courage or a deed that has a positive influence. Past winners include President Obama and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. This year, the award goes to Konstrakta.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records: “The world’s largest and longest-running testicle-cooking championship is the World Balls Cup, held each year since 2004 in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia.”

Why should I eat testicles?

Because it is a unique experience that gives you courage and it tastes good! Oldest civilizations believed that testicles can be used as a medicine or as an aphrodisiac. Eating animals testicles can improve man’s libido or, as the Greeks say, help a soldier win a battle.
Also, they are full of cholesterol and minerals, which makes them a good source of energy.

Testicles are aphrodisiac?

Due to testosterone levels in animal testicles, the local delicacy in Serbia is revered as a natural aphrodisiac (substance that boosts sex drive). A foal’s testicles are the best aphrodisiac, but bull balls are fine, too. A looming question in the scientific community revolves around the legitimacy of natural aphrodisiacs and whether they’re just a matter of placebo. Some believe that the phallic shape of some types of food sparks arousal. Long time experience proves both claims to be right!

Book of testicles recepies?

The Testicle Cookbook – Cooking With Balls includes author Ljubomir Erovic’s favourite dishes, like testicle pizza and battered testicles. The e-book, available for download, comes with handy video guides showing the Serb peeling the skin off testicles and slicing them up into bite-size chunks. The book also contains more cordon bleu recipes, such as calf testicles in wine and testicles with bourguignon sauce.


Bring them and join competition!

Do you do TV shows?

World Testicle Cooking Championship is always on the top of fun news or TV shows. There are numerous TV shows that made reports about WTCC: Bokbulbok Show from South Korea; Abenteuer from Germany; Senkveld med Thomas and Harald from Norway; Munchies from UK and many others. If you are a TV producer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Guys, check your balls!

We are trying to improve Testicular Cancer Awareness dedicated to educate others about the most common form of cancer in men ages 15-44. With a simple check of the balls you can save your life.

Who we are and how all started?

The event was started by Ljubomir Erović, the author of a recipe book called “Cooking with Balls”, who claimed that testicles boost a man’s libido. Today, driving force behind the festival is his daughter Jovana Erović.

More FAQ

Absolutely not. However, the professionals are also more than welcome. Be creative, tasteful and witty, courageous and innovative – that’s what counts the most!

It is not easy to find such a delicacy as testicles. The best way is to order them in advance in butchery or by a farmer. If you cannot find testicles on your own, do not feel discouraged and give up. Please inform us on your problem while registering your team for participation in order to give us some time to provide the testicles for you.

As we said, it’s not easy to provide testicles; there are just two pieces per animal. However, although the participating teams cannot provide enough tasters with their specialties, the organizer will prepare a testicles goulash at the event, that will be available to the festival guests.

Do not think that the testicles will be the only food one can eat. What festival in Serbia can ever be organized without grill or bean soup prepared in a big kettle? Sausages, wedding cabbage with smoked meat, pork and beef goulash… Yes, it is a festival in honor to testicles, but we do celebrate good food in general!

There will be bands and artists, dancers and musicians. You will be able to rock the night
away! Please check FESTIVAL INFO

The entrance is free of charge for everyone. We will not check your bags and pockets in search of food, drinks and drugs as you have come directly from Amsterdam without crossing any borders. If you are interested to compete, please REGISTER.

Majority of the participants are coming a day in advance to set up their camps – tents or trailers. That first night is the night for being relaxed and socializing without thinking of a competition. The guests are welcome to join the camping experience, the spirit of the festival. However, for those who are more in favor of comfort and privacy, the private accommodation is available in the nearby village of Lunjevica, surrounding villages and the city of Gornji Milanovac. Check available accommodation here:

Yes, we will be honored to have you sponsorship for the Ball Festival. 


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